So where does the name "Latitude Fifty Four" come from?
The final destination for this motorcycle adventure was the city of Ushuaia located in Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina.
The latitude of this city is 54° 47' South.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Day 144 to Day 145

Day 144 - March 27th, 2006: Rio Gallegos, Argentina to Rio Grande, Argentina
Day 145 - March 28th, 2006: Rio Grande, Argentina to Ushuaia, Argentina

The last stretch towards Ushuaia was very cold and windy so our morning routine consisted of throwing on as much closing as possible before setting off, and ensuring our heated vests were plugged in tightly. I was up to 2 pairs of tube socks (yep, ME in tube socks..I never thought I'd see the day!) overlapped by a pair of thermal wool socks, pajama pants under my jeans, a tank top, tshirt, heated vest, hoodie, fleece sweater, and rain jacket all crammed under my riding suit and a balaclava under my helmet to top off the stylish outfit. The rubber rain boots just added the final touch, but we couldn't have made it without them! We hit a little bit of rain, but thankfully the scenery changed from the flat plains to beautiful mountains which made the driving much more enjoyable despite the weather. It was such interesting landscape. On the mountains you could clearly see the tree line where vegetation is no longer able to grow, then above the tree line you could see the rocky peaks, and at the very tops of the moutains there were ice slates that had the same blue-green colour as glaciers. Once we arrived at Ushuaia we were greeted by sunshine finally! Ushuaia is considered by many to be the southern most city in the world although there is a bit of controversy over this because the city of Punta Arenas in Chile is quite a bit larger than Ushuaia. Some people therefore consider Punta Arenas to be the southernmost city arguing that Ushuaia is the southernmost town....but Ushuaia's sign states that it is the southern most city in the world so we stuck with that. It is in Ushuaia that you literally get to the end of the road. Once you pass through the provincial park you hit the very end of the road which is marked by a large wooden sign and a small billboard. For the entire trip this was our target and now finally WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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McKinley Morganfield said...

(I don't know if you still keep track of this blog) Hi, I met your father at Two Wheel Motorsports in Guelph, July 2017. I was getting a tire replaced, working my way back to Idaho. He suggested I go to Tobermory, take the ferry from there, great suggestion, always nice to talk to some locals. He told me about your trip and blog and I finally looked it up. I haven't read it all yet but I will. Have you been traveling since? Have any other blogs? I certainly spend my days at work, dreaming of getting back on the bike for a long road trip.