So where does the name "Latitude Fifty Four" come from?
The final destination for this motorcycle adventure was the city of Ushuaia located in Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina.
The latitude of this city is 54° 47' South.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Day 15 to Day 18

October 22nd: Durango, Mexico to Mazatlan, Mexico
October 23rd: Mazatlan, Mexico
October 24th: Mazatlan, Mexico to Compostela, Mexico
October 25th: Compostela, Mexico to Bucerias, Mexico
Wow, what an adventure the last few days have been! Our trip from Durango to Mazatlan was absolutely amazing. We drove all the way up a mountain range, which was 2,000 metres high! At some points we were so high up that you could see the clouds from above. It was pretty intense driving for a newbie! So many curves, so dips.........and so many cows on the side of the road! We stopped for some lunch at a small house for some gorditas, where they had a little orange cat which they tried to convince us was named "Garfield". He wasn't quite as large as the Garfield we've all come to love. I suppose they don't make lasagna here! For dinner we stopped at another little house along the mountainside and had the daily special (ie; whatever the lady that lived there was making for dinner). It was a long drive, but we finally arrived in Mazatlan where we found a reasonably priced hotel. Again, hot water was not on the list of amenities, but it had a spectacular view of the ocean, and a nice swimming pool out front. Which, came in handy to one guest who invited 30 of his closest friends to enjoy for the afternoon. 19 kids, a birthday cake, and the whole bit! We had dinner at a very nice restaurant which overlooked the ocean. The waiter made us an excellent crepe, with burning-booze sauce and a flaming orange to top it all off. The beach in Mazatlan was very nice, but we witnessed a crime in the making.....we're not sure what this biker gang was up to, but they were hauled away in the truck, bikes and all! Compostela was a beautiful and quaint village with a large cathedral in the center square. The people were very friendly there as well, and I had a killer chocolate milkshake at one of the local restaurants. Today we stopped in Bucerias where I got to hold some parrots and hand-feed them saltine crackers and garlic bread. They were sure cute and seemed to love their snack!! Here's both of us holding the parrots!

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